Beta’s Photography of the Year

Dorćol Platz was the home of the exhibition of the Beta’s Photography of the Year competition. The exhibition will be open until September 29.

The audience award was given to the photo reporter of “Mladina”, Željko Stevanić, for the photo “Protest against the Government of Janez Janša”, with 2,545 out of more than 5,500 votes of users of the social networks Facebook and Instagram. According to the jury, the first prize went to photo reporter Sanja Knežević for the photo “Size”. The second prize for the photo “Trapped in Greece” was won by the photo reporter of the French agency AFP Angelos Tzortzinis. The third prize went to “Cropix” photo reporter Boris Kovačev for the “Philharmonic” photo. The editor-in-chief of the Beta agency, Dragan Janjić, stated that he is proud that this competition has been realized for 17 years in a turbulent region and that it shows that people who do their job responsibly and well can cooperate.

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