Testival 2020 scheduled!

The topic was chosen for TESTIVAL # 2: BREAD, so the smell of fresh bread and pastries will overwhelm all visitors to Dorcol Platz!

Throughout a history of over six thousand years, bread has always reflected the specificity of the culture in which it was prepared, and it was never just a mere product for survival, but had a spiritual and ritual significance. The way in which it has been prepared and consumed for millennia, makes it a basic factor in the culture of nutrition and cultural heritage of a nation.

The first day of the Festival TESTIVAL # 2, October 17, is the International Day of Intangible Cultural Heritage, so the panel discussion: “Our essential bread” will be part of the Bread and the history of Bread through the centuries.
Participants in the panel discussion will be: Biljana Djordjevic, Museum Advisor, National Museum Belgrade; Snezana Djuricin, graduate art historian and Cheese Artist; Milica Aleksić, manager of the Metro HoReCa center; Dimitrije Vujadinović, author of the book “Cipovka – bread that laughs at the moon”. The moderator will be Miodrag Ilić, the president of the Testival Association and the author of the book Traditional recipes of domestic Serbian cuisine.

The organizer of the Festival, the TESTIVAL Association, is once again preparing a great program of workshops and lectures, so all visitors will have the opportunity to learn many skills of bread and dough preparation, with practical advice and free tasting afterwards.

Our diva, Serbian theater, film and television actress, Gorica Popović, will hold a workshop on the second day of TESTIVAL # 2, on Sunday, October 18, which will reveal all her culinary secrets of making small cakes! Gorica is a great lover of cuisine and considers the preparation of small cakes an art form.

The METRO HoReCa team will take care of everything at a highly professional level, together with the Junior Chefs Club, whose members are multiple medal winners for Serbia at the Culinary Olympics, and who will practically show how to mix special types on both days of TESTIVAL # 2. bread made of dark or gluten-free flour.

On the second day of TESTIVAL # 2, the Association of Authentic Hedonists will prepare healthy bread without yeast and additives, in a modern way at home and from whole grains.

A special attraction on the second day will be a workshop led by master baker Miloš Damjanović, the champion of Serbia in making burek with cheese! Milos earned his flattering title at the 2018 Bakery.

TESTIVAL # 2 is not a place to chase after eye-catching products. Traditional, healthy foods from the organic environment will be the focus of all exhibitors. More than 30 exhibitors from all over Serbia will present dough products, and there will also be various homemade juices, jams, honey …

The expert jury of the TESTIVAL Festival Council will select from the exhibitors those who have shown themselves especially, and who will take flattering titles: Best TESTIVAL BRAND and Best TESTIVAL PRODUCT, and the award ceremony will be at the end of the second day.

The 2nd TESTIVAL Dough, Pasta and Bread Festival will be held at Dorcol Platz on Saturday and Sunday, October 17th. and 18.10.2020, from 11 am to 6 pm. The price of a one-day ticket is 100 dinars. Tickets will be available at the entrance to Dorcol Platz.

Note: for all exhibitors, demonstrators and visitors, all prescribed protection measures against COVID-19 will apply.

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