BITEF Awards

Authors Stefan Kegi and Dominic Uber, members of the world-renowned Rimini Protocol, are this year’s 41st winners of the “Politika” award and Grand Prix “Mira Trailović” for the best setting for “Legacy, pieces without people” in the production of one of the leading Swiss theaters, Vidi from Lausanne on the 52nd Bitef. Based on the concept of Stefan Kegi and Dominic Ubera (group “Rimini Protocol”), this multimedia installation was realised without the physical presence of the performers. Kegi and Uber subtly, emotionally and authentically deal with age and disease issues, struggling against forgetting and death.

It is about the event of extraordinary artistic force that creates the symbiosis of the spectator and seen, said in the statement of the “Politika” jury, which this time was composed of: directors Egon Savin (president) and Milan Nešković, as well as representatives of the Cultural Section our newspapers Gordana Popović, Ana Tasić and Borka Golubović Trebješanin. The award, like previous years, is a worthy artwork, this time “Metaphysical afternoon” by Predrag Peđa Milošević, done with the technique of oil on canvas Dimensions: 55×45. The special prize “Jovan Ćirilov” by official jury was unanimously awarded to two performances: Requiem for L. (directed by Alain Platel, music: Fabrizio Cassol), produced by the company les ballets C de la B (Ghent) and Eternal Russia (concept, text, direction: Marina Davidova, set design, video: Vera Martinov), produced by HAU Hebel am Ufer (Berlin).

The audience granted the first prize to “Suite No. 3: Europe”, the second went to “Six Character in Search of an Author”, and the third went to “Bollywood”.

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