Synergy of health, safety and humanity

Under the slogan “That every day is healthy and safe”, Tigar Tires organized the Family Health and Safety Day for the fourth time. This, in many ways, was a unique event aimed at promoting traffic safety, a safe and healthy lifestyle, including the importance of increased prevention and health screening, as well as environmental concerns.

The Tigar Tires celebration of health and safety celebrated close to 6,000 visitors.

One of the central activities was the Walk of Goodness. 1,500 participants took part in the walk, which together with the drivers of stationary bicycles crossed a total of 2,853 km. In an effort to support a responsible approach to health and at the same time doing something beneficial for the community in which it operates, the company has specifically evaluated each departed kilogram and will donate a total of one million dinars for humanitarian purposes. The funds are intended for the construction of a modern and safe children’s playground in the kindergarten Lane Preschool institution Čika Jova Zmaj. In addition to this donation, Tigar Tires will also finance three primary school projects from Pirot and Babušnica, which collected the largest number of visitors: Save Your Planet, Plant Your Tree and Green Classroom.

Extremely visited and noted were the thematic zones within which the partners of the event realized contemporary, educational and entertaining activations with visitors, such as: Security Zone, Health Zone, Green Zone and Zone of Entertainment.

How important this is all the data related to public health in Serbia and the steady increase in obesity, diabetes, blood fat and depression (Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Batut”, Results of the Public Health Survey of Serbia 2013). Official data shows that almost 45 percent of the population sits or stands during their working hours; every other resident insufficiently or never consume fruit; Recreation, three times a week, deals with less than 9 percent of the population.

According to Milena Tosic, Director Support Services, as part of the Michelin Group, Tigar Tires adheres to the highest standards and principles of quality policy, environmental protection, and security culture within, not just the company, but also the whole community in which it operates.

“We are particularly proud of the project” Pirot & Tigar Tires Growing Together “, which includes numerous initiatives in which we support the local community in the areas of safety in transport, education and health, thus illustrating social responsibility and commitment to the community. That’s what we showed on the Family Day of Health and Safety. We believe in solidarity and joint initiatives, by involving all actors in society and thanking the partners who supported the event. Together we have shown that these values ​​should continue to be nurtured together in Pirot in the future. ”

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