From next year, higher salaries will be employed at all levels of the public sector, state secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government Ivan Bošnjak said.

He attended the International Students’ Day at the College of Medical Studies in Ćuprija. Professor Christos Alexopoulos, Principal of the School, pointed out that the strategy of this institution is “a student in the first place”. The best studios were awarded with prizes, while Lazar Stevanović was awarded with a scholarship from the High School of Health in Winterthur from Switzerland, and the Ćuprija school was rewarded him with computer equipment and travel. The Students’ Day is celebrated as a symbol of the struggle for democratic education and society and memory of the 17th. November 1939, when the Nazis executed 20 Czechoslovak students who protested against the occupation. The high medical school of Ćuprija’s professional studies was founded in 1998, and since 2005 it has been working in a new building of 8,500m2 with a new, modern amphitheater with over 2,000 active students.

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