Nikola Malbaša, Owner and Ceo of Jadran doo: Builders of New Dimensions

One of the oldest construction companies in Serbia has carried out more than 16.000 projects. We spoke about the beginnings, development and future plans of “Jadran” with its director Nikola Malbaša.

Do you know what is in common for hydro power plants “Đerdap“ and “Mali Zvornik“,  University Library “Svetozar Marković“ or King’s villa in Oplenac, Konstantinovsky Palace in St. Petersburg, the “Meriot” hotel in Cairo or military bases in Baghdad? Craftsmen and engineers from “Jadran” company from Belgrade worked on all these buildings of economic, cultural and historical importance. One of the oldest construction companies in Serbia, that has carried out more than 16.000 projects, celebrates big anniversary this month – the 70th anniversary of its establishment. We spoke about the beginnings, development and future plans of “Jadran” with Nikola Malbaša – company owner and director.

Nikola Malbaša Owner and CEO of Jadran d.o.o.

How come that “Jadran” was established in Belgrade? What did company beginnings look like?

The story about “Jadran” had started on 29 June 1950. First, we were a part of the “Utility Construction Enterprise of the City of Belgrade”, the famous “Komgrap”, and then we became an independent enterprise for painting works. According to older colleagues, the majority of the employees came from Dalmatia and that is why the name “Jadran” was chosen. In the beginning, like other construction companies, we worked mostly in Belgrade, on facilities that were being built at the time or that had been damaged during the World War II. Since the day one we dealt with making the city more beautiful or with creating the new face of the city.

Nevertheless, you didn’t stick only to painting works for very long?

That’s right. It was only a beginning. In the mid-sixties, we established a team for sandblasting and anticorrosion protection. Even back then we carried out works on newly built Thermal Power Plant “Nikola Tesla” in Obrenovac, as well as on Hydro Power Plant “Đerdap“. Gradually, we started to deal with mounting works, and thereafter reconstructions, adaptations, and maintenance of infrastructure facilities.

You have been running “Jadran” since 2005. What were the biggest challenges? How changed is the company since then?

At the time when we entered the privatization process, “Jadran” was a reputable company with serious projects, both in the country and Algeria, Czech Republic, Russia, Libya… We wanted to strengthen that position additionally. We invested into the most important resource-people, as well as in construction equipment and mechanization. We have demonstrated that privatization can bring so much good to one company. When it comes to the company itself, on one hand the method of work and internal organization did change, because we started to expand our business activities. On the other hand, we have continued to stick to the long established principles: the highest possible quality of services, respect for agreed deadlines and good relationship with investors. Even today, we stick firmly to the following slogan: “We build future and preserve tradition”.

Even today, we stick firmly to the following slogan: “We build future and preserve tradition”.

You mentioned that “Jadran” expended its business activities in the past years. What is the company dealing with today?

Apart from the fields in which we “built our name”, such as all kinds of final works in construction field, sandblasting and anticorrosion protection of construction facilities, “Jadran” deals with designing, revitalizing facilities and facades that are under the State protection, with concrete injection, i.e. repair of concrete constructions. In 2017, we established the Sector for Electrical Mounting Works, and we are authorized by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure for issuance of energy passports. Today, “Jadran” builds facilities. We are professionally and technically equipped for “design and build” system and we are one of the few companies in the market that provide the entire set of services in the construction industry.

Seven decades in any profession is a big success. What are the plans for the company’s future?

We built our success on foundations of hard work and desire to progress. All our engineers, mounters and craftsmen continuously improve their knowledge. Even though we say for ourselves that we are the “tradition that endures”, we are certainly oriented towards the future and towards the development of new technologies. This is the only way to stay competitive in the market and to continue building new dimensions.


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