Earlier today in Health Center Ćuprija within the campaign “Do not let it break”, Greek company Hellenic Sugar Industry donated 10 blood pressure measuring devices. PR manager of the company, Dr. Christos Alexopoulos, was among the first to carry out a preventive check up. The donation of this action was also supported by Pinus Pharmacy from Ćuprija.

Dr. Christos Alexopoulos said that in addition to healthy lifestyle habits, prevention of disease is the best way for a person to maintain their good health. By regularly examining we provide ourselves with a longer and better quality of life. Company Hellenic Sugar Industry, previously proven as a socially responsible company, joined this action at the request of the Director of the Health Center in Cuprija, Dr. Mirjana Miletić, recognizing the importance of the campaign because early detection of the disease means greater chance of recovery – said Dr. Aleksopulos.

The campaign “Do not let it break” started in mid-April within the 31st Belgrade Marathon, by releasing 6,639 red balloons for all those who lost their lives last year from the direct consequences of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is the most massive disease of today. In the world there are more than two billion adults with this serious health problem. High blood pressure is also called the silent killer, because it is a disease that doesn’t usually give warning signs, but its effects are destructive to health. In Serbia, every other citizen suffers from high blood pressure. Health statistics warns that untreated high blood pressure results in 69 percent of heart failures and 84 percent of strokes

According to the Minister of Health of Serbia, Dr. Zlatibor Lončar, the introduction of the National Day of Combating Hypertension represents an important step in raising the awareness of the spread of this disease in Serbia and its often fatal consequences. “Untreated high blood pressure leads to visual impairments, stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, aneurysm diseases. All these consequences lead to disability or death. They can be successfully prevented by early detection of high blood pressure and regular taking of the therapy prescribed by a physician. So be responsible for your health and protect yourself from illness and suffering.”

During the campaign, free blood pressure monitoring was also provided in more than 90 health institutions across the country in the framework of preventive examinations organized by the Ministry of Health. After the donation to Health Center in Cuprija, citizens and students of College of Applied Health Sciences will have the opportunity to check the blood pressure free of charge in this town.

Dr Alexopoulos announced this is just the beginning of the action, donations and free preventive examinations will be continued in health institutions in the surrounding towns and villages, adding that it has once again proved that private companies can be socially responsible and for other companies to take participation in future similar campaigns because there is nothing more valuable than health.

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