Carlsberg launches production of Zrenjanin beer

Mayor of Zrenjanin Čedomir Janjić and Carlsberg Serbia CEO Vladimir Vava presented a project of reviving one of the symbols of the city on Begej, Zrenjanin Beer. Aware of the importance of this brand for the local identity of this region, the city of Zrenjanin and Carlsberg Serbia joined forces and achieved cooperation that will enable citizens of Zrenjanin to soon come to have a beer that will proudly carry an eyethe with the name and symbols of their beloved city.

In addition to returning their favorite beer to the Zrenjanin, this cooperation aims to restore the brewery’s tradition of the city, so that two dinars from each sold bottle of new beer will be allocated for the construction of the Kraft brewery in Zrenjanin. In order for the new beer to be fully in line with the taste of those for which it is primarily intended, all interested will have the opportunity to vote for the best of the three offered beer recipes and the most beautiful of three designs of the label, and the label and prescription from the highest number of citizens of Zrenjanin will become a new trademark of Zrenjanin beer.

– There is no, I believe, no citizen of Zrenjanin who, on the mention of our former beer and brewery Lazar Dunđerski, will not wish that at least a part of this tradition will be present in our city today. Our efforts and initiatives to achieve this have been recognized by Carlsberg and here we are on a joint project, which we are presenting today and who, I am sure, will live on mutual satisfaction – said Mayor Cedomir Janjic.

– In cooperation with the representatives of the City of Zrenjanin, we will implement a project that will have a wider social significance in the future as Carlsberg Srbija will allocate two dinar for each sold bottle to support the local community from which the brand originated. The collected funds from the sale of Zrenjanin beer will be invested in the construction of kraft brewery in the territory of Zrenjanin. We firmly believe that in the next couple of years, this small brewery, besides production and new jobs, will stimulate the development of local tourism and catering industry – said the CEO of Carlsberg Serbia, Vladimir Vava.

The selection of three proposed recipes and the selection of the new label of Zrenjanin Beer will be held in the period from February 1 to February 7 in front of the City Hall on Trg Slobode, and all citizens of Zrenjanin older than 18 years can take part. Zrenjanin beer will be sold in a return bottle of 0.5l.

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