For the first time, International Cheese Makers Association got members from Serbia

Due to the exceptional contribution to the promotion of cheese and cheese activity, the medal “Brotherhood of St. Ignis” was decorated by the Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Goran Knezevic and eight other individuals from public, business and political life. The first session of the International Cheese Makers Association in Serbia was held in 559th place in the premises of the French Embassy in Belgrade, at the initiative of Mlekoprodukt, a member of the Savencia Fromage & Dairy Group. On that occasion, Belgrade was visited by famous cheese master and president of this association, Rolan Bartelemi.

In the ranks of the Brotherhood, which is part of the International Cheese Makers Association, they have been accepted Frederik Mondoloni, French Ambassador to Serbia, CEO of Deleze, Goran Kovačević, General Manager of the Gomex trade chain, Sreten Radović, director of the publishing company Ringier Axel Springer, Igor Lukovic, editor of the magazine Vino & Fino and member of the Board of the Association of Sommeliers of Serbia, Gijom Iskandar, chief of the restaurant restaurant Langouste from Belgrade, Tijeri Leforestija, commercial director of the Savencia group. The General Manager of Mlekoprodukt, Andrej Beslać, was appointed earlier that day.

Newly-appointed members will play a role in continuing to expand the tradition of producing and consuming cheese at the local market, thus ensuring greater visibility of domestic products from this industry.

“Company Mlekoprodukt produces 7,000 tons of dairy products annually, of which a significant part is made by cheeses and this number is constantly growing. Therefore, the presence of this renowned Association in Serbia through members from these areas is very important, “said Andrej Beslać, General Manager of Mlekoprodukt. He also stressed that the official branch of the Association in Serbia is in the plan, and in order to develop all the potentials of cheese in this region.

The International Cheese Makers Association has been in existence for half a century, and its mission is to unite the entire dairy industry: from milk production, through its processing into cheeses, to the commercialization of finished products, and to promoting a noble note of cheese.

“Cheeses are so popular among people because of the variety of tastes that they provide, which are conditioned by species, texture, and origin. Traveling the world and discovering various cheeses, I realized that, although it is about the same kind of thing, each producer adds some of his own in the recipe and makes it completely different.
That is why I am extremely pleased that our association has members in Serbia that will help promote the diversity and richness of the taste of these areas, “said Rolan Bartelemi.

The Order of the Brotherhood of St. Ignicon, part of the International Cheese Makers Association, features gastronomists, caterers, journalists, representatives of the public and political scene, but also all cheese lovers who have contributed to the popularization of this product with their public engagement.

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