Carnex and Creta Farms in strategic partnership

Carnex realised a strategic partnership with the Greek company Creta Farms, which includes joint marketing of innovative protein snack on the Serbian market. These chicken and pork snacks, only one of its kind in the world will be sold in Serbia under the name Oliving O’Roll, and in the coming months it will be available on supermarket shelves and through other marketing channels.

Kompanija Carnex ostvaruje strateško partnerstvo sa grčkom kompanijom Creta Farms Sa potpisivanja sporazuma kompanije Carnex i Creta Farms

“The strategic partnership with the leader in the meat industry in Greece represents our efforts to provide domestic consumers with a completely new product” said Vladica Mladenović, Sales Director of Carnex. “We fully support and welcome the cooperation between domestic Carnex Creta Farms and companies which will, we are sure, be of great importance for the economy of both countries. We hope that these innovative products quickly win the trust of local consumers” said Marko Čadež, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.


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