Cash prizes of Telekom Serbia for technological entrepreneurship

Ballooner, AddTag ​​and Cactomain startups were awarded cash prizes for the further development of business ideas under the first mts startup acceleration programme of support to entrepreneurial teams in the total amount of 20,000 euros.

The three-member panel of judges awarded the team Ballooner for cheaper balloon flight into space and exploring the stratosphere, service team Cactomain for simplified registration and management of internet domains, as well as the team AddTag for facilitatation of communication of brands and visitors at festivals and other events. These are most likely to to develop sustainable products and achieve success on the global market. Ballooner, AddTag ​​and Cactomain the participants of the fifth generation of Startup Academy, the educational platform for the development of technological entrepreneurship in the organisation Startit, who is also a partner of Telekom Serbia in the implementation of the programmes of the mts startup acceleration. “Telekom Serbia has today supported the development of technological entrepreneurship by the first, irreversible investments to these three talented teams” said Milan Simić, chief executive of Telekom Serbia for IT and ICT services.

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