Such a spectacle has not been seen before – and tonight, another concert! Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 made a crazy atmosphere last night at BitefArtCafe

Seun Kuti last night as part of a concert series Musicology Barcaffé Sessions, proved to be the true successor to his father Fela Kuti, with whose band he has performed since Fela’s death.

Raw energy flooded Bitefartcafe club last night. The audience rose from his chair, from the very first song with Egypt 80 and after the band invited on stage Seun Kuti, the rest of the concert the audience was dancing hot African dances. His songs, calling for rebellion and revolution, talked about a different Africa from the one we know. Seun has awakened somewhat dormant visitors, many of whom, it seemed, came directly from work. Having felt the rhythms of Nigeria, the visitors additionally got moved with traditional African dancers performing backing vocals, i.e. two ladies that looked surreal painted in tribal costumes. Spirit of Africa on stage BitefArtCafe was carried out by thirteen musicians led by the youngest Kuti, dominating with his vocal as well with his energy. As promised, Seun presented songs from his new EP release ‘Struggle Sounds “, which shows what most closely represents and describes his views. The concert began with the song “Follow” by his father Fela. Kuti reminded the audience at a concert that was supposed to be held in 2009 at Belef but unfortunately due to bad weather the concert was cancelled, and he expressed gratitude that he was called. Another spectacular performance by Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 will be held tonight, and this star bassist invites all music lovers to join him and says he expects an even better concert on the now familiar ground. Tickets can be purchased on the day at Eventim and ddtickets or, if it any remain, at the entrance to the concert.

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