CEO gathering

The Slovenian Business Club, in cooperation with its members Dragon Maritime Group and Terramagica, organized a very successful CEO gathering on April 20 in the wonderful and pleasant environment of the Businessmen’s Club.

The aim of the event was to bring together general managers and owners of companies that are members of the Slovenian Business Club to share ideas and experiences and get to know each other better.

First of all, the president of the Slovenian Business Club, Danijela Fišakov, thanked everyone who attended this meeting, Mr. Drakulic for his hospitality and the host of the meeting, Dragon Maritime Group, and Terramagica for the organization. She pointed out that this is the jubilee, the twentieth year of existence, and proudly noted that the Club represents a significant and influential factor in business circles in Serbia and Slovenia, as well as that Serbian companies are always welcome in Slovenia. Mr. Erich Cossutta, president and founder of Dragon Maritime Group, in addition to the thank-you note, congratulated on the anniversary, and then referred to the cooperation between Slovenia and Serbia and pointed out that Slovenian companies are always welcome in Serbia, as well as that Slovenia is an intensive investor. Mr. Zoran Drakulić, the president of the Privednik Club, spoke and welcomed all present members with great pleasure, adding that Slovenian companies are always welcome in the Privednik Club.

The best sommelier of the Balkans, Vuk Vuletić, presented the most prestigious wines:

Wine Koper 2021 – Which has intense fruity and floral notes, reminiscent of a ripe apple,
acacia flower, vanilla and almond. Juicy and mature wine that leaves the impression of charming fruitiness and minerality.

Bordon Winery:

IVANOV REFOŠK 2009 – This Refošk is produced only in exceptional vintages, in the best microlocations. The grapes are macerated in Slovenian oak barrels by manually dipping the caps, and since the grapes are overripe, in some places already like raisins, that process takes more than a month.

REFOŠK CLASSIC 2016 – It is produced according to the classic maceration procedure with manual immersion of the cork until the end of fermentation, which lasts from 8 to 10 days. The wine has a typical very intense purple to ruby color. The smell is very fruity, of ripe red fruits, berries and raspberries.

Malvazija 2021 – It has a rich smell and taste, lemon color with golden shades, the smell is fruity: peach, pineapple, acacia, honey, with mild floral notes. In the mouth it is fresh, full, harmonious with calm acidity.

All present enjoyed themselves and had the opportunity to socialize and make new business connections with fantastic Serbian cuisine and exclusive Slovenian wines. This successful event is a reflection of cooperation between Serbia and Slovenia, which is at an increasingly high level, but also of the Slovenian Business Club with its members, where the impeccable reputation and quality work of SPK, which has been an unbreakable bridge between the economies of the two countries for 20 years, is justified.

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