Dunav Osiguranje- Children Recognize a True Friend

“We know that happiness grows when it is shared with others and Dunav Osiguranje is a proven, sincere friend of children. Therefore, we will carry out our activities in 2020 under the slogan “A Friend from Childhood”, wishing that the current generations of children will become and forever remain our friends.”

Dunav Osiguranje, which celebrated last year 45 years of successful operations, donated over 120 million dinars to socially responsible projects for children in 2019. Thanks to its systematic investments in the community, and especially in the youngest generations, Dunav Osiguranje has become one of the first holders of the international IQNet SR 10 certificate in Serbia. In order to support children in all aspects of their growing up, in 2019, the company endorsed activities in education, sports, talent development and numerous children’s events.

In 2019, Dunav supported more than 50 children’s sports clubs, as well as a regional event called the Youth Sports Games, involving over 100,000 children from 148 cities and towns in Serbia. “The Youth Sports Games proudly bore the name of the Dunav Osiguranje Company in 2019,” said Ivana Jovanović, the Games’ President, adding: “We are pleased to have demonstrated we can do a lot more together and that with these Games we have been able to bring joy to many children in Serbia.”

The company also supported sporting activities via a talent school which had over 1,500 students. With donations to more than 250 schools, Dunav has created better learning and living conditions for 500,000 children in Serbia. Like sports, the arts have also received generous support through talent schools with more than 1,170 students. That support has put the wind in the sails of many young promising people, and cooperation with local governments has also resulted in support for numerous children’s events, as well as healthcare and cultural institutions involving 75,154 children.

To celebrate New Year’s and Christmas holidays, children from institutions and schools across Serbia received 4,200 gifts. Mirko Petrović, Chairman of Dunav Osiguranje’s Executive Board, underlined that investing in the youngest generations is the safest insurance policy for the future and that in 2020, these investments will be continued via a social responsibility programme, under the slogan “A Friend from Childhood”.

„Apart from 2019 being a jubilee year, it was also marked by Dunav recording the best business results since its inception. In 2019, we have allocated over 120 million dinars or more than one million euro to various forms of support for the youngest population. In close cooperation with the Government, and in line with the vision of a modern insurance company, we will continue to build a more beautiful, humane and better country for our children. As Dunav Osiguranje develops, our support for youth, education, the arts and many other areas will grow too,” said Mirko Petrović.

Long-Term cooperation with the project “S Tamarom u Akciji” was highlighted as one of the most important segments of social responsibility. In addition to the standard support in insuring reconstructed houses, in 2019, Dunav supported the renovation of schools across Serbia, which created better schooling conditions for students. “The management of this insurance company was a personal inspiration to me and was the first give me support in big social campaigns,” said Tamara Grujić, author of the humanitarian television project “S Tamarom u Akciji.” In the last three years since working together, 80 homes for socially disadvantaged families throughout Serbia were insured, and this year, 24 families in Vojvodina will have a new home, while Dunav Osiguranje will provide them with Čuvarkuća insurance package. The renovation of a primary school in Vojvodina is also planned for the autumn 2020.

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