Choir with a difference

For the first time, Serbian audience will have a chance to see Norwegian male punk rockers gathered in the “Svartlamon Hardkor” choir. The unheralded joy of singing, in unison and in harmony, has become popular again, with more and more people joining choirs. One such choir consisting of 50 Norwegian men whose shared passion and love for music aims to inspire and move audiences is performing in Gornji Milanovac on April 22 and Belgrade on April 23, thank to Tutti Serbia.


Its members are people from all walks of life, young adults to retirees. What unites their diverse members is their love of singing together in a supportive environment.

It all started when 20-60 year old guys started gathering in Trondheim in 2004 every Tuesday night for a couple of hours to “shout to each other,” as they say.

Their singing was initially directed again city authorities who wanted to ruin the part of the city named Svartlamon.

It turned out that other people found joy in seeing and hearing them doing this. “Now we occasionally travel around the world shouting to other people too! But we also perform nice songs,” the Choir says.

These nice songs include everything from punk and rock songs, to classic folk songs and spirituals, all performed in an original way with a lot of humour. “Our “scruffy” appearance often contrasts the beautiful songs, and we deliberately use this contrast in our job as entertainers,” they say.

During the years they performed on numerous festivals, appeared in TV series and been on stage with international artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and Serbian-born Norwegian Jovan Pavlovic, accordion maestro and founder of Tutti Serbia.

He is going to be a guest artist on Svartlamon concerts in Serbia along with a so-called “trumpet princess” Danijela Veselinovic.

For all the information regarding tickets, please see Tutti Serbia.

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