Consumer Trust and Strategic Partnerships

More than 1,300 participants and over 200 panelists – these are some of the high points of this year’s
regional meeting – the 27th Kopaonik Business Forum

The event brought together the most influential people in the field of economic policy, business and the academic community, who took part in 28 panel discussions. Key issues, discussed at the Forum by major economic policymakers, as well as representatives of the Fiscal Council, ambassadors of developed countries, representatives of international financial institutions, chambers of commerce from the region, the most relevant banking and finance CEOs, big regional investors, successful entrepreneurs, foreign investors, heads of public enterprises, included: how ready we are for the changes brought by Industry 4.0, is our educational system capable of supporting Industry 4.0, how the inclusive growth policy is defined, and what is the link with the smart specialisation strategy.

The region’s biggest economic summit dedicated more time to topics which are common for countries in the region. In addition to the key topic – Industry 4.0 – challenges of the future, the participants also discussed how important it is that, as organizers pointed out, the education is the pillar of the development policy of our country and the entire region. Additionally, there was discussion about artificial intelligence, as well as about climate change and the need raise awareness of these issues.

Different panels attracted a sizeable audience and launched important questions. Milana Jević Gledović, Vice President of Legal Affairs and Asset Protection at Delhaize Serbia, was one of the panelists and participants. She spoke about the protection of competition, as well as the trust this company was building with consumers and strategic partners.

– It is a business and strategic imperative of Delhaize Serbia to have sustainable operations in all areas. The protection of competition topic is extremely important for our company, and it is important that our colleagues understand it and implement all of its elements in their daily operations. In recent months, we have organized numerous trainings and workshops for our employees, as well as interactive electronic trainings – says Milana Jević Gledović, who underlined the value of the trust of consumers and strategic partnerships with suppliers, built over the years both locally and globally. The company, which considers it absolute imperative to be committed to the quality and safety of products in its operations, plans in the near future to continue expanding with new stores, in new cities. Also, the company has given a sharper focus on the first new concept specialized store.

In late 2019, the very first PREMIA products with the Nutri Score labelling system landed on the shelves of Maxi, Tempo and Shop&Go stores, and by mid-2020, a major part of the brand’s assortment will have additional nutrition fact labels in the same manner.

This international chain is also introducing high standards for the environment and sustainable operations into the market. It is introducing innovations into every aspect of CSR, in a sustainable way, from care for employees, strictly controlled production of all items, to energy efficiency, managing surplus food, sustainability of brands, and promotion of healthy diets, both among co-workers and among customers. On an annual level, Delhaize Serbia donates 1,200 tons of groceries, and cooperates with more than 70 humanitarian organizations. The donation principle has been upgraded to a digital platform, which will in the second half of this year provide an even better response to the needs of humanitarian organizations, thanks to which even greater quantities of food would be donated on the yearly level.

Compliance with GDPR

— Delhaize Serbia has aligned its operations with the GDPR, which entered into force during the last year. The company recognizes the personal information of its customers and employees as their ownership, and thus implements all protection measures with a full understanding of their purpose and need.

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