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The culture of living includes enjoying art as well as some other types of cultures

DDOR, as the Official Insurance of the project Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture, joined the program segment Flags of the Future, wanting to enrich the program of the event, primarily to point out the importance of the culture of behavior in traffic. Special attention will be paid to the safety of people, regardless of whether they are car drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians who are also the most endangered participants in traffic. During the event in the Creative District, in addition to the DDOR Chill out zone, visitors will have two simulators where they can try out a head-on collision simulator as well as limitations of perception and reflexes on the simulator of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In this way, participants in these simulations will better understand the risks of irresponsible behavior and gain experiences that will support them in complying with traffic regulations and culture.

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“Culture is mostly related to art and we are grateful that the project Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture makes Novi Sad really proud to carry this prestigious title. However, culture also refers to the culture of living – the culture of behavior, the culture of attitude towards the environment, the culture of behavior in traffic. DDOR osiguranje has recognized the importance and potential of this endeavor, and in addition to the art that we will be turning to in September, we want to cope, in a popular way, during the program segment Flags of the Future project, with the culture of behavior of traffic participants. Therefore, in cooperation with the Navak National Driving Academy, we have provided a special head-on collision simulator that will provide participants, in a safe environment, with an experience that will raise awareness of the risks that participation in traffic brings. I am convinced that the visitors of the Creative District will enjoy the culture in music, movement and visual art and that they will use the opportunity to learn something about the culture of behavior in traffic, “said Francesco Masci, President of the Executive Board of DDOR Insurance.

Let us remind you, DDOR osiguranje, one of the leading companies on the Serbian market for almost eight decades and part of a strong Unipol group, the leading insurance company in Italy, recognized the importance and potential of the project Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture before the title year primarily through visual arts programs within the legacy program arc Kaleidoscope of Culture, and this support will be further deepened in 2022 through the presence in other projects such as the current program segment Flags of the Future. The company also invested over 3 million euros in raising awareness about traffic safety over the period of the last ten years and continues its recognizable activities.

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