Maja Gojković, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and Information: Culture is recognized as an important area

Maja Gojković, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and Information

By all accounts, 2022 will be one of the most challenging years. Some of the biggest challenges will be the road from a pandemic to an endemic situation, worrying about inflation, green agenda, energy and climate crisis… What do you think will be the biggest challenges in Serbia?

By pursuing an extremely delicately and strategically thoughtful domestic and foreign policy, defined by the state leadership, helmed by the President of the Republic Aleksandar Vučić, we have managed to overcome or avoid the most difficult global challenges, as well as to take a leadership position in various segments of development, the economy and culture in the region and beyond. Thanks to all that, I believe that the biggest challenge for Serbia this year will be to maintain the level of development and progress in complex circumstances.

We are aware that due to the very convoluted global situation, in terms of geopolitics, economy, and ecology, one of the biggest challenges will certainly be the preservation and establishment of overall stability as a key prerequisite for any form of further development. For Serbia, a country that is at the forefront of development processes in our region, political and economic stability is essential.

This year, Serbia will hold presidential, parliamentary and Belgrade elections on April 3rd. What should be the priorities of the new Government of the Republic of Serbia (its ministries) and the president of the state?

In these difficult circumstances, Serbia has demonstrated its commitment to reforms, development and boosting overall cooperation at the international level. In addition to significant investments in infrastructure and health care, I can proudly say that culture is recognized as an important area that needs investments too. Investing in the culture of one nation is the best long-term investment that is in the best interest of the whole society. That is why the increased allocation of funds for culture is a trend that will continue and grow in the coming period which is why the next culture budget will have developmental character.

Our priorities will be, above all, to decentralize culture and improve the accessibility of cultural content and the participation of as many artists and citizens as possible in cultural projects and events. We will be dedicated to helping the town of Čačak to be declared the first capital of culture of Serbia in 2023, as well as continue to renovate cultural institutions, museums and libraries throughout Serbia, under the auspices of the Cities in Focus project.  I would also like to highlight the adaptation of the old railway station building, which will house the History Museum. Along with the Stefan Nemanja monument on Sava Square, the Museum will reflect the history of the Serbian people and state in this area.

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