Ćuprija against Narcomania

A round table on NARCOMANIA with more than 20 participants from institutions throughout Serbia was held at the College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija. Lecturers from Ministries of Justice and Interior, Special Hospital for Addiction, Clinical Center Nis, General Hospitals of the Region, the Centers for Social Work and the Correctional Centers transferred their knowledge and experience to the gathered, among which were students and students of secondary schools, with the message that bad things do not only happen to others.

Dr Sci. med. Christos Alexopoulos, the director of College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija opened the discussion, emphasizing the engagement of the College to bring closer to students one of the most serious diseases of addiction and to contribute to raising awareness and, consequently, prevention.

The Director then handed over the technical equipment to the representatives of the Cuprija police station as a small contribution to the fight against drug abuse, thanking their efforts to make the citizens of Cuprija feel safe. “This is a great day for Cuprija because large experts in their field have gathered, and the College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija has always been ready to support the suppression of any form of deviant behavior and phenomena that would be detrimental to young people.”- Alexopoulos said.

The manager of the Cuprija correctional institution, Mr. Vladica Božilović, also addressed the greeting, and Mr. Nenad Vujic, director of the Judicial Academy, spoke about the role of the judicial system in the suppression of drug addiction.

The moderator of the meeting was Dr Aleksandar Vujošević, a psychiatrist specializing in the Special hospital for Addiction, Belgrade. The themes came from various angles, from the historical cross-section of the use of opiates in the Balkan region, through the responsibility of the system itself and the engagement of the criminal police to the effects of psychoactive substances on the health and organism, but also on the environment.

The promotional material was distributed to the guests with an educational goal `What should you know about drugs` as well as a warning on the signs and symptoms of taking drugs and whom they should address in such situations.

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