Czech-ing In on Independence – A Toast to Czechoslovak Statehood with Grand Reception

In celebration of Czechoslovak Independence Day, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Belgrade hosted a grand reception to mark the historic occasion. The event, held on the 27th of October, commemorated the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak state.

Ambassador H. E. Mr. Ing. Tomáš Kuchta, who presided over the festivities, welcomed guests and highlighted the significance of the day in the history of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The reception was attended by a diverse array of dignitaries, including government officials, business leaders, and members of the diplomatic community.

Czechoslovak Independence Day is observed on the 28th of October each year, serving as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage and historical journey of the Czech and Slovak peoples. The day is marked by various events and celebrations, both in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and around the world, as communities come together to honour their shared past and look forward to a bright future.


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