Galenika Acquires Lifemedic and Further Expands its Portfolio

Galenika company is strategically committed to constant expansion of its product portfolio for the benefit of consumers.

With the acquisition of Lifemedic company, Galenika successfully continues to expand its product portfolio.

Pharmaceutical company Galenika, one of the largest producers of pharmaceutical products in Serbia and the region, is expanding its business through the acquisition of Lifemedic d.o.o. from Belgrade. With this transaction, Galenika becomes the owner of the 100% Serbian-Slovenian company Lifemedic and takes over the exclusive distribution of the product program of the renowned Italian pharmaceutical company Pharmalife Research, for the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro.

The transaction will be completed after the approval process by the antimonopoly commissions, and is expected at the end of Q4 2023, after which the process of integration will begin.

Brand recognition, quality, reliability and trust in Galenika’s products are what makes the company successful for decades.

“Since becoming a part of the Brazilian NC Group, Galenika has achieved significant business growth and international expansion. The acquisition of the Lifemedic company and the start of cooperation with the Italian manufacturer Pharmalife Research represents another step in the internationalization of Galenika’s business and confirms our full commitment to investments and innovations in accordance with the modern needs of consumers. Pharmalife Research has over 400 products in its portfolio and exports to 60 countries around the world. We are happy to have found a global partner who shares our values of commitment to product quality and health,” said Ricardo Vian Marques, CEO of Galenika.

Brand recognition, quality, reliability and trust in Galenika’s products are what makes the company successful for decades

Lifemedic is a company with years of experience in distribution of dietary supplements and cosmetic products manufactured by a prominent biopharmaceutical company – Pharmalife Research from Italy, of which it is the exclusive importer and distributor for markets in the region. The company has a stable double digit growth partnering with over 5,000 pharmacies and retail chains in the whole region. Pharmalife Research has been a reliable pharmaceutical partner in the field of pediatrics, dietary supplements, dermocosmetics and phytotherapy both in Italy and on international markets.

Quality, reliability, innovation, scientific approach and the entrepreneurial spirit of “Made in Italy” have led Pharmalife Research to position itself both on the national and international markets. Quality in the first place, common values and international ambition are something we recognized in Galenika and that is why we consider Galenika to be a true partner and a long-term support for cooperation in achieving common global goals,” said the owner of Pharmalife Research, dott. Anna Crupi.

After 14 years of Lifemedic successful business in Serbia and region and continuous growth and development of Pharmalife brand and products in general, I consider that this acquisition by Galenika will bring additional value and achieve further expansion of Pharmalife products in this region,” said Zoran Stanimirović, General Manager of Lifemedic.

In addition to the countries in the region, Galenika company operates in 16 international markets on three continents. In the first half of 2023, Galenika increased exports to the EU market by 40%. The company has 37 brands in the leading positions in their categories in terms of market share in Serbia in the first half of year 2023.

Earlier this year, the General Manager of Galenika, Ricardo Vian Marques spoke about the company jubilee and 78 years of company operations saying that the company is strongly focused on the future: „We integrate the most valuable from the past and the present, with full dedication to investments, innovation and sustainable growth. Quality is our first priority – both in products and everything we do. We are the holder of 15 domestic and international GMP and ISO certificates for the highest level of work and production standards. We are strategically committed to constantly expanding our product portfolio for the benefit of consumers. The recognition of the Galenika brand, in which consumers have confidence, is strongly transferred to new international markets.”

Sustainable business and environmental protection are high on the agenda of Galenika, together with the community support through socially responsible projects and awareness raising initiatives.

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