Dawid Sold, Managing Director of G4S: The path of innovation is our chosen path

On a global level but also as G4S Serbia, we are constantly working on implementing cutting-edge technologies in integrated security solutions. We have several ongoing new projects that will be soon introduced to the Serbian market

In his interview, Dawid Sold, Managing Director of G4S, talked to us about the challenges of G4S’ employees, their and the company’s needs, the company’s development and providing quality security services.

Dawid Sold, Managing Director of G4S/ Promo G4S

In Serbia, G4S has about 3,500 employees and after last year’s acquisition by Allied Universal®, that number globally now stands at more than 800,000. What challenges do your employees face?

We are proud that G4S Serbia provides stable working conditions for our employees which is confirmed by our sustainable growth in Serbia, at the same time global acquisition by Allied Universal makes us the largest Security Company in the world. This is exactly what G4S Serbia aims at – to remain a reliable partner and stable employer. Providing service excellence whilst creating job opportunities is our modus operandi. That said, G4S Serbia brings together security experts, top (electronic security systems) engineers, health and safety professionals, fire protection experts and specialists in supporting roles, HR and finance.

A major industry challenge is the lack of licensed candidates for the job of a security officer.

The main reasons for this are relatively low salaries in the security industry both in Serbia and globally. These are dictated by the low market-going rates. One of the biggest challenges affecting our industry is the grey zone in security. Unfortunately, Covid and the war in Ukraine and subsequent market uncertainty have pushed the economy even further into a lack of compliance.

Furthermore, being a low-margin industry, security needs certain law amendments in order to offer more to its first-line employees. Together with chambers of commerce and industry peers, G4S is working closely to support those and share best practices from other geographies. It is also important to note that our people on the first line are not “doormen” or “guards” but licensed security officers with relevant training. During the lockdowns and strict Covid protocols, they were part of the critical infrastructure supporting our common safety. A change of mindset is also needed so that our colleagues get well-deserved appreciation.

G4S in Serbia has over 5,000 facilities under its supervision and it provides protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. How do you harmonize the needs of your company and employees with customer requirements?

It’s all about having the right people working together towards the common goal. In a nutshell – always have a strategic approach to make the best out of your know-how, and make clear-cut procedures to enable workflow. Invest in your employees and let them show their expertise. Practice their knowledge and work independently and in a team, and listen to both customers’ and employees’ needs. Many answers to everyday challenges can be found when you “walk a mile in another person’s shoes”. We are also building and nurturing relationships with internal and external stakeholders, as nothing beats honest and friendly professional cooperation. G4S Serbia has the infrastructure, expertise and global experience and the number of 5,000 supervised facilities is only the beginning.

How difficult is it to provide quality security services when it comes to cash and valuables? 

Challenging, to begin with, but not in terms of delivering the service – G4S Serbia has an ever-growing fleet of specialized vehicles and well-equipped Cash Centres an employs trained people. The biggest challenge in the market is the lack of knowledge of what true compliance represents. Having a licence to deliver the service does not necessarily mean one has the insurance to cover the possible loss. When we talk about the risk associated with cash management, it is very important t make sure all insurance policies are valid and in place. It’s not only important that there is an insurance policy, but also that it is up-to-date and covers all the required details. Do you know which risks are covered by your policy or rather the policy you think you have?

“It’s all about having the right people working together towards the common goal”

G4S Serbia strictly complies with all internal and other relevant procedures, goes through regular G4S Group security controls and offers the service with all the applicable insurance policies.

It is about time to start thinking about risks when choosing a service provider. We are glad to be able to help.

You believe that in today’s world there is no greater purpose than to serve and protect clients, community and people. Are there any new types of protection that you plan to include in your offer?

The path of Innovation is our chosen path. We, on a global level, but also as G4S Serbia, work constantly on implementing cutting-edge technologies into integrated security solutions. New projects are ongoing and are soon to be introduced to the Serbian market. We aim to lead the way to the ManTech (Man and Technology) approach in security, focusing on product development. Stay tuned!

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