Excellent results of the BAT factory in the area of sustainability

A visit from the delegation of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce to the British American Tobacco Factory (BAT) in Vranje once again showed outstanding company results in the modernization of Vranje’s factory, as well as innovations and alignment of BAT’s business activities within the principles of sustainable development and environmental protection.

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Investments and the company’s determination to reducing harmful impacts of business on the society have led to the factory’s results which can be viewed through the reduction of waste disposal at the landfill by 35 percent, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 56 percent and recycling waste of as much as 95 percent. In addition, the factory is using 100 percent of electricity from renewable sources, while a switch from using fuel oil to natural gas is happening in the meantime, with a noticeable reduction of emissions. These results within the topic of sustainability have placed the company among the regional leaders in the race for carbon neutrality, while it is confirmed by the company that this goal will be realized by 2023.

During 2022, with the help of its employee’s BAT has continued to contribute to the fulfilment of the sustainability mission, as well as participating in all initiatives that create additional value for the society and community. Besides the aid the company has provided to the health and social system during the crisis, its employees have also shown social responsibility by engaging in all charitable activities, as well as those interested in creating a better natural environment. So, in the beginning of the month, marking the World Environmental Day, BAT employees had joined strengths with local public enterprises in organizing an action to clean Vranje’s water drainage channels in order to protect the ecosystem and highlight the importance of environmental protection. Shortly before that, in collaboration with NALED, BAT had supported an opening of a recycling yard, the first of its kind in Serbia, thanks to whom the citizens of Sremska Mitrovica will have an opportunity to dispose of the bulky waste and in that way provide additional contribution to the society.

As far as further priorities of the company go, they stay dedicated to listening to the needs of their consumers, the local community and their employees, simultaneously fulfilling the goals of the ESG strategy and building A Better Tomorrow. Science and innovations stay amongst the main initiators of BAT’s development, while social responsibility is one of the fundamental principles in business.

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