DDOR osiguranje continues to hire despite the difficult economic conditions and taking care about health measures

Job candidates can use a contactless system of selection and recruitment process

In the light of the changes in business operations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, taking account of the safety of job candidates and its employees, DDOR osiguranje has introduced a unique system for the selection of new colleagues with the use of all the existing digital platforms for distance communication. Despite the difficult economic conditions, this way of the hiring process organization from now on will represent a complete workflow with the segment of interviewing and testing of candidates in addition to the already existing system of sending job applications which have been available on the website of DDOR osiguranje. During the entire preparation process of this system, special attention has been paid to the highest standards of care regarding collection, processing, and storing of candidates’ personal data in line with legal norms.

The fact that we have continued with hiring even during the pandemic and worked proactively on the creation of a new and safe hiring system in difficult business circumstances shows our commitment to the further development and planned growth of our company. Our wish is that in the time before us, we enable all our candidates and future colleagues to safely pass the selection process and join our team. We honestly believe in this system and it will surely be the recommended selection channel in the camming period,said Giorgio Marchegiani, President of the Executive Board of DDOR osiguranje, and added that “trying to use the obligation of home isolation in a quality manner, in the past four weeks we have organized courses and education on our internal e-learning platform, with the duration of more than 500 hours. That way, we tried, during this hard period, to commit ourselves to the development of our employees, constructively using time at home and preparing for the time of the “New Normal”.”

DDOR osiguranje adapted its business operations from the very beginning of the pandemic, in line with the recommendations from relevant institutions, primarily protecting its clients and employees. As one of the leaders on the insurance marker in Serbia, the Company was among the first to adopt its processes of renewal and sale of insurance policies, as well as those of scheduling, assessing, and reporting claims to the newly created situation. That way, the services are provided to the clients without any or with minimal contact with the company’s employees. Additionally, all the higher measures of care about hygiene have been implemented, as well as the newly introduced rules of social distancing.

We would like to remind that, at the beginning of April, DDOR osiguranje donated the total sum of 11,000,000 RSD for help the national and provincial institutions, as well as to the City of Novi Sad, in the fight against consequences of COVID-19. The assets were paid to the special-purpose accounts of the National Health Insurance Fund and to the Provincial health secretariat, as well as to the City of Novi Sad, to the special-purpose account of the Administration for communal operations, opened with the goal of financing the prevention of spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic and easing its consequences.

While preparing for the period of the “New Normal” that will inevitably require the constant adaptation of everyday business in companies, DDOR osiguranje will continue to adjust and adapt its business operations to ensure the highest level of quality of insurance services in line with the values that it shares with powerful Unipol group, which it belongs to, and by doing so, highlighting the health and safety of its employees and clients as one of its basic priorities.

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