Delta Motors Announcement

2017 had seen the increase of sales amounting to 26% for the BMW models, and 36% for MINI models. Delta Motors had had its most significant fair exhibition so far. In a separate BMW hall, with the area of 2,500m2, more than 30 BMW and MINI models were exhibited. For the first time, the Rolls Royce also had its presentation in Belgrade. In 2017, Delta Motors had signed the new contract for hybrid and BMW i vehicles. The BMW Service Inclusive and MINI Service Inclusive benefit for clients were introduced as standard. The BMW Service 6+, first licensed servicing workshop for the older BMW and MINI vehicles in the South Eastern Europe did have, in less than one year of operation, more than 900 work orders, while 74% clients had visited the licensed servicing workshop for the first time.

The bestselling models of cars in 2017 were the BMW 5 Series with 182 sold units and the BMW X3 with 112 units. The new model MINI Countryman was presented a compact SUV in the premium class making 47% of total sales of the MINI models in 2017.

Regarding motorcycles, more than 130 units were sold, with the BMW 1200GS Adventure as the bestselling model.

Last year, the BMW had won various prestigious awards among which we would like to highlight the award „Zlatni Auto“ (Golden Car) awarded by the magazine Auto Bild for the BMW 4 Series. In the Green car category the award went to the BMW i8, while the BMW 4 Series was awarded also in the Sedan category. Delta Motors had won Grand prix award for enhancement of the overall Show Presentation awarded by the Belgrade Fair.

Beside the awards, we can be proud of our donations – a motor vehicle from the BMW 6 Series was donated to the School of Mechanical Engineering of Belgrade University in March 2017, for teaching purposes – the model 650i convertible. And in December 2017 we had donated a cutting edge body type of the BMW 7 Series to the Technical School of GSP (Belgrade Public Transportation), for students’ practical lessons. The body is made of various types of steel, aluminum and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic).

2018 will be the year of the X models. Along with the first ever BMW X2, we are also expecting the BMW X4 and X5. Then, the BMW 8 Series, the BMW i8 Roadster, BMW Z4, redesigned models from the BMW 1 and 2 Series, as well as the new visual identity of the MINI hatch models, which will be equipped with a new basic engine and new transmissions as well.

Concerning motorcycles, this year is going to bring us the new models BMW F 750 GS, BMW F 850 GS and BMW C 400.

In this year’s BG Car Show the complete range of BMW sedans and X models will be presented. The star of the booth will be the BMW X2, a wholly unusual model in the BMW range. Also, the models with special offers will be exhibited, the BMW X4 and X5, including additional equipment with value of even €19,000. We shall present the BMW i3 in Melbourne Red, for the first time available for this electric automobile.

Regarding the MINI models, the new visual identity of the brand will be presented in the MINI hatch models Cabrio and JCW, and we shall also exhibit the MINI Countryman models.

The Show will certainly include some surprises – 2 models which Serbian public will be able to see for the first time.

In cooperation with BMW Finance Services, we are preparing special financing conditions and interest rates for the Show.

As far as the motorcycles go, we are expecting the premieres of the BMW K 1600 B and BMW G 310 GS, and we would like to bring your attention especially to the BMW F 750 GS and BMW F 850 GS as well.

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