Despite COVID-19, travelling is safe in the country and abroad this year

Following the customer-centric approach, anticipating the summer period with more frequent travels, DDOR osiguranje has adjusted products for all travellers in the country and abroad. The first one is intended for guests of hotels, spas, resorts and other accommodating facilities – legal entities. The existing, standard accident coverage for all guests has been expanded with coverage in case of hospitalisation due to coronavirus. The second one represents a special supplement to the Travel health insurance policy and has been created for everyone who decides to travel abroad. This coverage covers the expenses of necessary medical services if the test is positive including testing for COVID-19, as well. Additionally, if necessary, insurance includes help with transport of patients abroad and return to the country. In the end, there is a one-off cash payment, in case of the hospitalization abroad.

“All experts recommend that tourists who wish to go on a holiday plan to spend their summer vacation at one of the hotels, spas or resorts on the territory of Serbia, since carrying out health protocols in case of coronavirus are certainly more efficient here. If any of the hotel guests are tested positive for COVID-19 during their stay at the selected accommodation or after leaving it, requiring them to be hospitalised, DDOR osiguranje will ensure payment of a fixed amount for each day spent in the hospital. This way, every guest at a hotel or other type of organised accommodation will have the additional financial support that will certainly be useful when they leave the hospital,” said Giorgio Marchegiani, Chairman of Executive Board of DDOR osiguranje, and added: “Still, a large number of tourist will prefer to reach the seaside and travel abroad. We also take care of them and we prepared a special version of classic travel health insurance with COVID-19 protection addition. That way, all tourists who travel to foreign destinations will truly be able to relax this summer. During the summer and the travel season, responsible behaviour for those who are travelling abroad, besides taking preventive measures, includes insurance in case of adverse events caused by a coronavirus.”

“We are partners with DDOR osiguranje for years through good and bad times for the tourism industry. This time DDOR osiguranje came up with adequate coverage for the travellers to the usual destination around Serbia at a decent price that should not jeopardize the vacation budget. For a family of four, the difference in the price of the travel health insurance policy goes from 10 to 15€ in total for 10 days stay by the nearby seas. And with a price of two rounds of coffee and ice-cream, anyone who is infected with coronavirus will have the support and help in the foreign country with the decent amount of up to 1000€ per person for medical services, transport and up to 400€ in cash in case of hospitalization abroad. This way, even though the situation with COVID19 will discourage many to travel, some might change their decision having in mind that DDOR osiguranje provides suitable insurance coverage,” said Aleksandar Seničić, director of JUTA.

The accident policy for guests of hotels, spas, resorts and other accommodation facilities with arranged hospital days due to COVID-19 is concluded as a group policy for legal entities. Insurance beneficiaries are all the guests whose visits are recorded in the accommodation facility, without age limitations. This insurance is valid if a visitor tests positive for COVID-19 while staying in a selected facility, as well as 10 days after leaving the accommodation, and if they need to be hospitalised due to that.

Travel health insurance with coverage of COVID-19 can be arranged as individual, family or group insurance for a period of up to 30 days. It is arranged as loading to the basic policy and provides fixed amounts of coverage for assistance services, or fixed amounts in case medical assistance can only be received in state-owned medical institutions, in the country where the traveller was when he/she got ill with COVID-19. In discussion with our clients, after announcing the launch of our new features of the product, the product is updated and the money will be paid to the clients current account with his/her bank.

As a remainder, that DDOR osiguranje offers the policy against cancellation of the travel arrangement that provides partial financial remuneration in the case of cancellation of the trip caused by accident or illness because of coronavirus.

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