Digital ecosystems through innovation and partnerships

Natali Delić, Head of the Strategy and Digital Directorate, presented Telekom Serbia’s case study. She talked about Telekom Serbia’s vision for the future and everything that is needed for that vision to happen with the view of helping the entire society with digital transformation.

“The digital age requires a new approach to business. We feel great pressure from company owners who are looking for higher profitability and pressure from users who expect much higher quality and new services to be provided immediately and who have become less tolerant in terms of time. Then we have the pressure from all these new technologies and knowledge that are growing so fast that even companies cannot keep up with them on their own. To be able to quickly implement all these new technologies and know-how, we need to devise a new way of working,” Ms Delić explains.

Building a digital ecosystem is a response to the challenges of the digital age, where partners would communicate through digital platforms and establish new models of cooperation through an automated process where services would be delivered to users much faster, said Ms Delić, adding that Telekom Serbia is in the best position to be a link between all market stakeholders and thus make its contribution to Serbia’s digitalisation.

“This entails having platforms and network and service infrastructure which are necessary for communication. During the pandemic, we saw what critical importance communication infrastructure has and how much we cannot live, work and educate without it. When all these elements are connected, they form one digital ecosystem. We also need to have a central point of communication as a digital platform that connects all actors,” explains Ms Delić.

“Telekom sees digital ecosystems as a way to address the needs for digital transformation, both of industry and society as a whole,” Ms Delić said and added: “We are a partner of both the state and the private sector. At the moment, we have identified six major sectors where transformation is taking place and where we can help. ”

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