The annual edition of The Economist promoted in the British Ambassador’s residence in Skopje

Svetot vo 2022 is the fourth edition of the annual issue The Economist: The World in 2022 in Macedonian language, under the exclusive license of the Color Media Plus company.

Photo by Goran Deskovski

Luxuriously “packaged” and printed on 180 pages, this year’s edition of The World in 2022 is created with a lot of love and dedication by the whole team. Its top design and quality content, in fact, continue the trend which the readers got accustomed to over the past four years.

It serves as a guide for the coming year, which contains predictions and speculations of eminent and renowned journalists, analysts, statesmen, politicians. Moreover, it includes interviews with city mayors, ambassadors and businessmen within the Macedonian section.

If 2021 was the year in which the world was focused on the fight against the pandemic, in 2022 the necessity to adapt to the new reality will dominate, both in the areas reshaped by the pandemic (the new corporative world, the future of travel) and the deeper trends that are imposed again (the rise of China, the acceleration of climate change).

The promotion took place at H.E. Rachel Galloway’s residence, which is slowly becoming a tradition, considering the fact this is the third time the British Ambassador to North Macedonia hosts this well-respected event.

Eminent figures from the political, economic and business circles were part of the guests at the residence, who were warmly welcomed by the Ambassador and the representatives of the publisher, the Color Media Plus company.

While enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and tasting British culinary delights, the guests could browse the magazine, which may be found at the bigger points of sale, at a price of  180 denars.

Text by Bojana Stojmenovic


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