Digitization – The future of the economy sector

UniCredit Bank Serbia and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce organized today a conference called “Digitalization – The future of the economy sector”, which gathered over 100 clients, businessmen and partners of the bank, as well as members of the chamber.

The conference was held live in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, where distinguished businessmen from our largest companies had the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges, as well as new trends when it comes to digitization and simplification of processes in the economy sector. In addition, UniCredit Bank, as one of the leading banks in Serbia, presented the unique factoring platform Woca, which enables advising clients in the management and financing of working capital in order to maintain the necessary liquidity of the company.

The conference was opened by Katarina Ocokoljić, Secretary of the Association of Financial Institutions of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, who emphasized the importance of digitalization and its application in the economic sector: “”The financial sector is traditionally a pioneer in the application of new technologies, and with its solutions it simultaneously encourages the digitalization of its clients’ businesses and the sustainable development of the economy in the whole. Recognizing the importance of digitization and technological progress, SCC supports all projects that contribute to the application of innovative technological solutions and to raising the efficiency of the economy in order to be adequately included in modern international trends.”

Aleksandra Rašić, Director of the Corporate and Investment Banking Sector and Member of the Management Board, gave the opening address in front of UniCredit Bank Serbia, who stated: “Digitalization of operations in the economy sector is a process that is almost taken for granted in most large companies. Guided by the experience of our Group and the fact that UniCredit Factoring Italy is a convincing leader on the Italian market, we believed that the Serbian market deserves an equal quality of service. That’s why we took advantage of this situation to offer our clients a new, unique factoring platform – WoCa. We wish to present to our clients the new trends that we are introducing as a bank, considering that in the segment of corporate-investment banking we are the first choice for as many as 75 of the 100 largest companies in Serbia, which certainly speaks of the trust that Serbian companies place in us. ”

At the panel that was a part of the conference, guests from various industries had the opportunity to answer questions and share their experiences on the topic of digital transformation trends, which is one of the strategic goals, that is, means that will help speed up the economy and achieve greater growth. Panel participants were: Katarina Ocokoljić, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Milan Sekulić, UniCredit Bank Serbia, Irena Brajović, Confindustria Serbia, Jovanka Balać, Star Import and Petar Petojević, Atos.

Milan Sekulić, Director of the Working Capital Financing Department at UniCredit Bank Serbia, presented Woca, the most modern e-platform for processing factoring products. The platform allows clients to manage their claims and obligations in a simple way, through a financial instrument that aims to speed up the collection of claims from debtors to creditors, which are due with a delayed payment term. The WoCa platform integrates the ability for both the client and its partners to access the system directly from their computers, to quickly and simply communicate with the bank and authorize requests. Its effectiveness is best reflected in the great saving of time, the reduction of bureaucracy and most importantly – the incomparably faster process of disbursement of funds.

WoCa is a platform with access to data at any time, 365 days a year and automatically sending notifications to absolutely all of the client’s partners. This means that the platform enables the automatic processing of a very large number of invoices at once, given that the architecture of the platform is such that it has the prerequisites for direct connection with the client’s information system. For these needs, UniCredit Bank offers its clients immediate help and advice from banking experts in this field, who, in accordance with the specific needs of each client, form an optimal financial solution using specific banking products: factoring, reverse factoring (supply chain financing), discount bills, discount letters of credit and short-term loans adjusted for working capital.

Aleksandra Rasic / Photo: UniCredit Banka

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