DIPOS Director presented letters of gratitude to the Ambassador and Trade Representative of the Russian Federation

Mr Djoko Krivokapic, Dipos Director, handed out letters of gratitude yesterday to H.E. Ambassador Mr Alexander Bocan-Kharchenko and to Mr Andrei Khripunov, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation, thus courteously expressing the Company`s appreciation for their contribution to raising environmental awareness and embellishing Diplomatic Colony in Dedinje, the district which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary.

H.E.Mr Alexander Bocan-Kharchenko, Ambassador, Mr Djoko Krivokapic, Dipos Director and Mr Andrei Khripunov, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation

Earlier in June, marking more than 50 years of collaboration between Dipos and the Russian Embassy, Ambassador Bocan-Kharchenko and Mr Krivokapic, in the presence of Mr Khripunov,  planted a birch tree in the Diplomatic Colony in Dedinje, which is managed by Dipos. This act is a part of Dipos initiative to make the Colony greener and more beautiful area. At the same time, this was also the first visit of a Russian Ambassador to Dipos since the Company`s establishment.

During yesterday`s meeting, Mr Krivokapic also announced the Company`s strategic project – the construction of the new Diplomatic Club in Belgrade. Both parties concluded that the building will serve as a distinguished gathering hub in future for the business community, state officials and representatives of international organizations in the Republic of Serbia.

H.E. Bocan-Kharchenko and Mr Khripunov thanked Mr Krivokapic for the letters of gratitude and for his substantial commitment to improving the partnership between the Embassy and Dipos, including also the development of bilateral relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Russian Federation.

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