Direct Media Academy announces special guests: Dragan Bjelogrlić will be May 30 in Madlenianum!

The final day of the Direct Media Academy, which will be held from 28 to 30 May, will be attended by a strong team of lecturers, including our celebrated artist – Dragan Bjelogrlić.

“Whether Serbia is ready for the internet platform” is the theme of a special conversation with Bjeloglić on the scene of Madlenianum, and within the Festival Day of the Academy on May 30th.

The audience will have the opportunity to hear where Serbia is on the map of world production and innovation in the field of film art.

The new era of communication, which is the topic of the three-day training organized by DIRECT MEDIA United Solutions, will also try to bring other guest speakers to the lectures.
A well-known marketing expert from Israel, Ravid Kuperberg of Mindscapes, will hold a special workshop that will offer concrete and powerful tools for discovering innovative and creative thinking patterns. Ravid will also be a lecturer at the Festival Day where he will talk about the term “StoryTeching”, or the use of technologies in marketing.
In the agenda of the Festival Day, Srdjan Djurdjevic, director of the United Group’s R & D, will introduce the audience with the world of innovations related to the new era of television and, through concrete examples, display changes in the habits of viewers.

Vladimir Vulić, co-founder of Digitalizuj.Me and program director of the conference will present a new model of digitally transformed company and management.
As this year celebrates 500 years since the death of the great visionary, Leonard da Vinci, the theme and program of the Direct Media Academy are inspired by his principles of openness, universality and connection in the era that he marked.

Through lectures and interactive workshops, the Academy’s students will learn through the two modules concrete tools and strategies for successful communication in the new era: The “New World of Media” module answers questions about the future of television, digital, social networks, the role of data in communication.

This rich program of DMA 2019 is carefully created for all open-minded professionals who know that learning is a continuous process. That is precisely the philosophy that has flowed through the mission and vision of every Direct Media Academy since 2012 when it was founded.

The proceeds from the sale of Direct Media Acadmia will also be used for humanitarian purposes this year.

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