EIB: Grdelica is the biggest public sector project in Serbia

“The European Investment Bank is the key financier of the construction of Corridor X through Grdeličko gorge, which is the largest EIB project in the public sector in Serbia since 1977,” said Dubravka Negra, Head of the EIB Regional Representation for the Western Balkans, at a reception Day of Europe, celebrated by the Bank as a financial lever of the Union.

“We were again supported by the construction of 20 of the 26 kilometers of the highway through Grdelica. It is the most challenging section with more than 20 bridges and two tunnels, with EIB credit facilities, of which the Manila tunnel is the longest in Serbia, “said Negre.

The EIB finances the construction of infrastructure projects in Serbia, from roads to the water supply system. The Bank invests in the construction and renovation of four clinical centers (in Niš, Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac) and currently supports more than 300 projects at the local level.

The European Investment Bank is the largest multilateral lender in the world, whose investments in Serbia exceed 5.4 billion euros. Only in 2018, more than one billion euros were invested in the Western Balkans countries, of which almost half of the funds were spent on projects in Serbia.

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