Donation of Mobi Bank and Telenor to help health institutions

Mobi Bank and Telenor, in cooperation with Fund B92, have donated funds for the procurement of six infusions and one syringe pump to be delivered to health institutions in Serbia as an aid in the fight against COVID-19.

These pumps are intended for the Banjica Hospital, which is currently serving as COVID 19 hospital, and are a part of necessary medical equipment used by patients connected to respirators, and enables the infusion of fluids, medications, and nutrients in the patient’s circulatory system and more precise dosing of drugs with intravenous infusion.

During the state of emergency and restricted movements, Mobi Bank enables its clients to manage their finances online, safely and easily, over mobile and internet applications, and with advanced digital services. Telenor is oriented to keeping its network strong and stable and to educating customers on how to perform telecommunication services online “Even at home we stay connected!”

Both companies follow and implement all recommendations of the authorized institutions, taking account of the safety and health of their employees, who are successfully working from home, providing support to customers, with seamless business functioning.

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