Online combined household insurance policy at 20% off

Within the webshop application, clients can choose one of the two insurance packages offered – basic or standard.

Considering the current situation with numerous negative consequences resulting from the Covid-19 virus epidemic, Sava non-life insurance has decided to offer its clients a 20% discounted Combined Household Insurance policy on the webshop application within the company website. Buying a policy is very easy and allows the clients to calculate a premium, i.e. the price of insurance through a calculator and to get acquainted with the offer of insurance coverage and insurance conditions, followed by the purchase of the Combined household insurance policy.

Within the webshop application, clients can choose one of the two insurance packages offered – basic or standard. The choice of the insurance package depends on the clients’ needs for specific insurance coverage, which is clearly indicated next to the insurance price. Most often, in classic sales, the clients opt for a standard package that covers the risks that in recent years we have been increasingly exposed to in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Combined household insurance offers complete protection of the property of the insured against numerous hazards, i.e. provides coverage for: houses, flats and weekend-houses (unoccupied buildings), massive and/or mixed structures owned by individuals. Insurance also includes utility premises such as a pantry, basement, shed, attic, garage and the like, if they are physically attached to the secured building or are in the building where the apartment is located. Also, this insurance covers the household items that are the property of the insured person, a member of his or her family household, as well as the items used by those persons under a housing right or other right and located in a part of a residential building and in related auxiliary premises.

The example of the insurance premium calculation for the basic package of Combined Household Insurance through the webshop, best illustrates the advantage of buying this policy: for an apartment of 50m2 the insurance premium will amount to RSD 3,210.68, and at a discount of 20% if purchased through the web shop – the price will be RSD 2,568.54.

On our website page at, you can provide the policy of the Combined Household Insurance easily, quickly, and conveniently.

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