Donation To The Torlak Institute

NLB Bank has donated laboratory supplies to the Torlak Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Serums, which has been the only institution to conduct tests for the coronavirus in Serbia so far, with the aim to contributing to preventing the coronavirus contagion.

“In recent days, we saw from the messages from the World Health Organization officials that have been highlighting the great importance of testing in order to slow down and eventually stop the coronavirus contagion. Considering that the President of the Republic of Serbia also announced a change of approach in the fight against the coronavirus, which involves more testing, we decided to contribute to these efforts and have donated laboratory material that will enable the Torlak Institute to conduct as many tests possible in the coming days,” said Branko Greganović, Chairman of the Executive Board of the NLB Banks, on the occasion of the donation to the Torlak Institute.

Greganović added that in recent days, the bank has implemented a number of measures to protect the health of its employees and clients, enabled home-based work for its employees, reorganized the operations of its branch offices and improved disinfection systems in all of its business premises.

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