E-Play: Freedom is imperative now! Let’s conquer it first with music!

E-Play is one of the most iconic bands on the Serbian scene, founded over 20 years ago. With their one-of-a-kind sound dominated by the bass guitar, and striking lyrics, they have characterized entire generations of young people in our country and in the region. We have talked to the band members, which number three as of recently, about the pandemic, business and creative plans and private time during this miserable time, with the bands drummer being quite laconic in his replies.

Photo: Dejan Lalić

Maja Cvetković, the bass guitar and vocals

1.      How did you organize your activities?

In the past few days, I have been supervising the editing of our new video for the song Freedom (Sloboda). So, I have been very active in the past period and the time really flew by. When we finished the video, I set out to promote it in every way possible way at the moment. My phone does not stop ringing. I think I am going to take a little break soon. It sounds weird, given the current situation, but thats what it is. My other projects are also put on hold.

2.      How do you spend your private time during the pandemic?

I currently have no free time at all (as I said earlier), but I try to watch a movie and exercise regularly. For someone who is constantly on the move, this situation is very unfamiliar to me, but I like to spend time privately (when I have some), at my home, so this is kind of nice to me. It’s all about the video for Freedom for me now, so I’m absolutely committed to that. Apart from that, the only thing I do is go to a store and go to my aunts to help her.

3.      What will you do first after the state of emergency is cancelled?

The first thing I am going to do is to schedule concerts and rehearsals. Now, I realize how much I miss our concerts and the audience. My good mood is closely tied to that. Besides, I will go to the pool with my good friends who I usually train with. I miss that so much. But I have to admit that I’m comfortable with staying at home and being alone a little bit.

Nemanja Velimirović, the guitar

1. How did you organize your activities?

Since I work in education, we are constantly communicating with students via e-mail, Viber and Microsoft Teams application. At the same time, the three of us are in contact too, planning and arranging the band’s activities (rehearsals and concerts, as well as other activities) for the period after the state of emergency and are promoting the new video for the song “Freedom”. I also do freelance work as much as I can in my home-based studio.

2. How do you spend your private time during the pandemic?

Mostly self-isolating myself since the beginning of this chaos (I get out every second day to get groceries). I have finished my second book and, as I said earlier, I am engaged in music and do my day job digitally. I paint, I play the guitar, I write, I do production and basically, everything else that makes me happy in order to preserve my mental health since I am not used being cooped up. I really miss performing live and rehearsing with E-Play.

3. What will you do first after the state of emergency is cancelled?

Truth be told, I would like to do a lot. I cant wait for us to hop into our van and travel to various places and festivals, as well as to talk as little as possible about this horrendous situation that the world is currently in. Also, I would like to go on a summer holiday to the seaside with my girlfriend. I havent been in a few years. Of course, the first thing that I am definitely going to do is have a beer in a park.

Goran Ljuboja Trut, the drums

1. How did you organize your activities?

In line with the current situation.

2. How do you spend your private time during the pandemic?

By regularly talking to my friends.

3. What will you do first after the state of emergency is cancelled?

Continue where I left off…

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