Dragana Đermanović chosen as “Woman of the Decade“ by Women Economic Forum in New Delhi

Serbian entrepreneur, owner of the startup BeeShaper and CEO of the company Bee Premium Group, Dragana Đermanović, was proclaimed “Woman of the Decade in Social Media and Leadership“ at the international Women Economic Forum (WEF17) held May 8th-13th in New Delhi.

Women Economic Forum, unofficially named “Davos for Women“, this year deals with the global topic of “Creating Innovations For the Future“.

As a key speaker, Dragana held a remarkable lecture on “New Business Culture“ and shared with participants from the world’s largest companies and economies her own recommendations for creating innovative systems and developing of an entrepreneurial culture in the countries in transition. Apart from our entrepreneur, editors of Time Magazine and New York Times, as well as the CEO of MasterCard Labs and certain female ministers have been awarded, for the global contribution to the development of the society and economy in other areas.

“I have been all over the world and I have met thousands of successful people, but I always return to my country happy and proud, because I know that our entrepreneurs have enormous potential and knowledge to change the environment for the better.  I wish my example would inspire young people from our country to opt for business and that they, too, conquer the world by their huge talents“, said Dragana Đermanović in New Delhi.

This is the first time that a woman from Serbia and the region of the former Yugoslavia has received such a significant recognition at the Women Economic Forum for the contribution and business results in the global market.

“I was so delighted to be able to welcome inspiring women leaders like Dragana Djermanovic from Serbia. We gathered 2.000 women from all over the world in order to strengthen our cooperation because only together we can co-create a more compassionate and connected world where mutual respect reigns and huge potentials for all are unleashed. I congratulate Dragana for her most inspiring work in social media which is why she received the distinguished WEF 17 Award of “Women of the Decade in Social Media and Leadership,“ said dr. Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson, ALL Ladies League (ALL) & Women Economic Forum (WEF).


Dragana Đermanović is international consultant and lecturer in commercial use of the Internet. She is the owner and CEO of Bee Premium Group (BPG) and co-founder of the startup BeeShaper. According to the German magazine The The Hundert, Dragana is one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in Europe, which has also been broadly covered by the famous Forbes. She is also the winner of the most significant award for female entrepreneurship in Serbia “Flower of Success for the Most Powerful Woman 2016“, given by the Association of Business Women in Serbia. She is a consultant for strategic online communications and researcher in the field of application of communication platforms in corporate communications. She is a member of the selection committee for numerous prestigious awards in the field of new media in the world. She is a PhD student at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, she is married and mother of two girls.

Women Economic Forum (WE17) is a global event by ALL Ladies League (ALL), the biggest global international women’s movement which advocates for social changes by encouraging education and empowerment of women. With more than 50.000 members in over 150 countries, ALL & WEF are the fastest growing global network with the  goal of achieving collective potential in all segments of life. This year WEF gathered more than 2.000 women from over 100 countries of the world, and the program consists of 36 topics and even 498 sessions and workshops. You can find more information about the event at www.wef.org.in.

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