Manchester Legend Nemanja Vidić – Guest of Eurobank Serbia

Nemanja Vidić arrived In Belgrade, as one of the most successful players of Manchester United FC, which marked the continuation of cooperation between Eurobank and FC Manchester United, which is made official by signing a new four-year contract.

Thanks to Eurobank, journalists, customers and employees had the opportunity to learn firsthand hear how collaboration with one of Europe’s most successful football clubs looks like. “Manchester United is one of the most popular sports brands who had long outgrown the boundaries of the football club and became a pioneer in exploring new business opportunities. We are honoured that they chose Eurobank for their partner and the first bank with which they started cooperation in the region. It is also a testament to our strength as a team. This cooperation to our mutual satisfaction dates from 2014 and has resulted in more than 20,000 issued Eurobank Manchester United co-branded payment cards that provide special benefits to users” said Slavica Pavlović, president of the Executive Committee of two Eurobank Serbia. Manchester legend Nemanja Vidić expressed satisfaction that as a guest Eurobank had a chance to become acquainted with Eurobank – Manchester United payment cards, which are available to all football fans – the Bank’s clients. “To Manchester United team the play and winning spirit are in the first place. Thanks to Eurobank Manchester United payment cards we have become part of the winning team. It is a great honour to have the opportunity to inspire the employees of Eurobank to an even greater success, and all football fans in Serbia on their daily life victory” said Nemanja Vidić on this occasion.

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