E-cigarettes: a Way Out, not a Way In

Electronic cigarettes may be beneficial to public health and therefore smokers should be made sure of this and we should encourage them to use this product, which is much safer than traditional cigarettes, claims a report “Nicotine Smoke: reducing the harmful effects of tobacco,” which was released today by the Royal college of physicians in the UK. In order to prevent diseases caused by smoking, this respectable institution supported with alternative design strategies that can reduce the harmful effects of tobacco products.


What is stressed in this report is that according to the available evidence it cannot be argued that the use of electronic cigarettes entrance is a gateway to the world of smokers, quite on the contrary. Based on their research conducted in the UK, it was found that electronic cigarettes are consumed by those who use or have used tobacco. The College claims that this alternative tobacco product does not substantially attract adults who had never smoked, nor encourage young people to start smoking. So speaking, electronic cigarettes are actually gateway into the world of non-smokers. The report does not deny the potential risk of long-term use of electronic cigarettes, but the data show that there is a maximum of 5 per cent compared to the risk of  addiction caused by traditional cigarettes.
A team of doctors who worked on this report considers it necessary that this area should be regulated by law, but suggests that regulation should not be hindering the development and use of electronic cigarettes. Regulatory strategies should have a balanced approach to ensure product safety and to allow smokers to use electronic rather than traditional cigarettes.
The latest report of the Royal College of physicians, committed to the prevention of smoking since 1962, concludes that despite the potential risks the products have great potential for progress towards a society free of tobacco smoke.

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