Olympic Carnival held 100 Days prior to Rio

100 days until the start of the XXXI Olympic Games which are to be held from 5 to 21 August in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympic Committee of Serbia, with the support of Vojvođanska Banka, the official bank of the Olympic team of Serbia, organised a carnival in the center of Belgrade and conveyed the atmosphere of Rio.

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From the Olympic clock at Terazije, through Knez Mihailova  and all the way to Kalemegdan, people could heard the rhythms of Brazil, a samba dancers and demonstrations of capoeira made a real carnival atmosphere. Serbian Olympic athletes who will represent our country at the Games in Rio, tekvondoke Milica Mandic and Tijana Bogdanović, Damir Mikec shooters, Zoran Arunović, Jasna Šekarić, Andrea Arsović, Stevan Pletikosić, Milutin Stefanović, Dimitrije Grgic, Milenko Sebić, wrestlers Davor Štefanek, Kristian Fris and Viktor Nemeš, cyclist Ivan Stević, judo athletes Aleksandar Kukolj  and rowers Milos Vasić and Nenad Beđik were all part of the carnival parade.


At Knez Mihailova street, the “Olympic stations” symbolically called Beijing – London – Rio, passers-by had the opportunity to compete in the sprint and compare your speed with Usaine Bolt to try their hand at archery and kayak ergometer and measure forces with our Olympians but also to take pictures and interact with them.

Carnival procession stopped at the Sava Promenade at Kalemegdan where the exhibition “London 2012 – Retrospective”, solemnly inaugurated.

“Our idea, 100 days prior to the Olympic Games, was that to bring the citizens closer to the atmosphere of Rio and the Olympic Games and give them the opportunity to meet our champions in a slightly different setting, but also to enable our athletes to feel the support of the people. We owe a big thank to the sports photographer Nenad Negovanović, a longtime associate of the Serbian Olympic Committee, who has recorded these memorable moments. I am sure that the both the visitors, and our athletes enjoy the show. “Said Đordje Višacki, Secretary General of the Olympic Committee of Serbia

“As August approaches, the excitement for all of us to grow. Today is for all of us an ideal opportunity to remind ourselves of the atmosphere of London and emotion that athletes and us, the faithful fans, we experience during the Olympic Games. As the Official Bank of the Olympic team of Serbia for 16 years, all of us in Vojvodjanska Banka can say with pride that today we are together with our partner, the Olympic Committee of Serbia, to bring local people closer to the spirit of the Olympic Games. I personally enjoyed the most in shooting today, but I can make a public promise that I will be better prepared for the next Olympics when it comes to running and rowing” said Marinos Vathis, Chairman of the Executive Board of Vojvodjanska Banka.

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The Olympic champion from London Milica Mandić had the honour to declare the exhibition open, and on this occasionshe said: “I am pleased that visitors will be able to see Kalemegdan this picture and I hope at least to some extent feel how much we love and how to fight for their country.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovičić, who was at the Games in London, and won the bronze medal. Photos of the Olympic team of Serbia at the Games in London, taken by Nenad Negovanovići will be displayed at Kalemegdan until 6th May and it will be an opportunity for all visitors to be reminded of previous Olympic Games, moments of joy, sadness, friendship, support, pride and celebration.

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