Editorial: New kids, old blocs

Dear readers,

It is like this world never learns anything. New “kids” entered old palaces, like Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump, albeit with varying degree of success. For most of the world, Macron is something between JFK, James Bond, Alain Delon and Barack Obama, signifying new hope and the strength of the French Republic, with the energy that Hollande lacked.

France is the new fresh power that can be, together with Germany, a new driving force of the EU, and not a passive observer of German leadership. Trump, on the other hand, turned out to be a great disappointment: The Congress and Senate blocked him in every positive aspect of his promised politics, such as détante with Russia. After a new set of sanctions against Russia, North Korea and Iran, it seems that America is doing worse than ever in creating world peace. Even those small steps taken by Obama, like Cuba and Iran, might be reversed. Not to mention the pathological obsession with Russia and its interference in everything. A satirical comment appeared in the English language press a few days ago suggesting that “the KGB launched the Sex Pistols and the punk movement to corrupt Western youngsters”. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll read a serious analysis of how the KGB initiated the hippie movement, Woodstock, anti-Vietnam War protests and LSD usage in the ‘60s in order to corrupt the sound body and military strength of America; or that ‘gangsta rap’ was a Soviet attempt to turn Afro-Americans against the white mainstream. It is becoming so ridiculous and Trump cannot defend himself, lost as he is in the Twittersphere. New hostilities between China and India, a deeply destabilised Latin America after years of progress – that is our world. However, as Morrissey sang, world peace is none of your business, the rich must get richer and the poor must stay poor, you fool… New kids, old blocs.


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