The wi-fi zones “Take a bill and win” opened

The first of the 12 wi-fi free internet zones won by the most active local governments in sending fiscal accounts and slippers for the “Take a bill and win” prize game was opened in the Park of Japanese-Serbian friendship in the Belgrade municipality of Rakovica.

The Wi-Fi “tree” set by Telekom Srbija enables simultaneous connection of up to 300 users and emits a signal of 1 megabyte per second in a radius of 150 meters, and it is also equipped with connectors for charging mobile phones and LED lighting and presents new decoration of this park . It is a domestic product, developed by Telekom and its partner companies. Free Internet zones were also won by the municipalities of Bela Palanka, Dimitrovgrad, Plandište, Bela Crkva, Golubac, Sečanj, Žitište, Svrljig, Bački Petrovac, Prokuplje and Titel and were ceremoniously opened during the summer. The top five were awarded an additional 20,000 euros cash prize for the reconstruction and equipping of facilities of public importance, such as schools, hospitals, kindergartens, parks and tourist sites.

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