Education connects Ćuprija and Rijeka

The Delegation of the College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija was in a two-day visit to the Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Rijeka, Republic of Croatia. Besides the signing of the bilateral cooperation agreement, the aim of the visit was to discuss the position of nurses in the Balkans through European directives.

Director, PhD Christos Alexopoulos saw the meeting with the Dean Alan Sustic as the opportunity to present the School and to officially invite representatives from Rijeka to visit Cuprija in order to share experience with the harmonization of study programs with the EU Directive 55/13.

“The Faculty of Health Studies as the youngest faculty in the country established in 2014, and Croatia as a member of the European Union, represent an excellent example that we can see and whose experience we can use in implementing the directive in our curriculum. The goal of the College of Applied Health Sciences in Cuprija is to begin preparations for implementation in time, and soon, in the next accreditation of study programs, the institution will be adjusted and harmonized with all the requirements of EU Directive 55/13.

“Education is one of the links for better relations between the two countries, because apart from cooperation in the field of the profession which contributes to the development of the culture itself, it is a guarantor of peace and stability in the region,” said Alexopoulos.

During the visit, College of Applied Health Sciences in Ćuprija presented the medical journal, PONS with the Serbian citation index, and Professor Melnar from the Faculty of Health Studies was nominated as a member of the editorial board.

Cooperation will also be seen in the exchange of professors and students, joint organization of professional seminars, scientific meetings, organization and participation in scientific and professional meetings, conferences and symposia and other forms of education.

The Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Rijeka at pre-graduate studies consist of nursing, physiotherapy, midwifery and radiological technology departments, and at the level of the graduate studies accredited Prevention and Protection of Mental Health and Management in Nursing and Clinical Nutrition.

The mission of the Faculty of Health Studies is defined by the Law on Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Croatia, other relevant legal and secondary legislation, and adopted by the Strategy of the University of Rijeka 2014-2020.

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