EFSE and Intesa Leasing joint project for MSE

The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) signed a loan agreement with the company Intesa Leasing in the amount of 10 million euros with the aim of encouraging the development of micro and small enterprises in Serbia.


The loan represents a continuation of cooperation between EFSE and Intesa Leasing company, which provides the service of financial leasing for the purchase of various equipment and commercial vehiclesmicro and small enterprises in Serbia. “The expansion of our partnership with Intesa Leasing demonstrates our commitment to micro and small enterprises, and additional funding will be available to a greater number of micro and small enterprises to get the necessary funding,” said Christoph Tiskens, chairman of the Board of Directors of EFSE. “The continuation of successful cooperation with EFSE fund is particularly important because it allows micro and small enterprises, which make up a significant portion of our client base, to get access to available funds under favourable conditions. Establishing a partnership with EFSE Fund is of great importance” said Nebojša Janićijević, President Executive Board of Intesa Leasing.

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