Ekvilibrium Exposition

Ekvilibrium is the summation of the effects of mental and emotional balancing necessary to deal with images of truth and justification, the properties of which go beyond the mere existence of the documents and give a strong impression of enveloping phenomena and events.

In the selection of the works there are three painters included who make up the entirety entitled Enclavia (Vladislav Šćepanović, Milena Dragićević and Dragan Zdravković) selected for the pavilion of Serbia at the 57th Biennial International art in Venice, the centre of the planetary exposure of art phenomena, from the middle of May to November 2017. In a joint review with selected works of individual personalities of whom were finalists in the arts of Serbia for the Venice Biennale were chosen, are Branislav Nikolić, Đorđe Stanojević, Kosta Kulundžić, Kolja Božović i Aleksandar Todorović. In addition to the initiators, ‘BLANC / BLANK’, the author of the catalog for the website is prof. Nikola Šuica, from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, who is also the curator of the exhibition Enclavia for the Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia the Venice Biennale.

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