Eurobank donated oxygen flow metres to healthcare institutions

1.2 million dinars for procuring equipment necessary in response to coronavirus

In order to help in the response to the coronavirus epidemic, Eurobank donated twenty oxygen flow metres, the equipment necessary for oxygen therapy of virtually all patients who are not on respirators, to the Clinical Centre of Serbia. In the upcoming days, eight oxygen flow metres will be donated to the Clinical Centre of Niš and the Clinical Centre of Kragujevac each.

“In these challenging times, support and solidarity should be priorities of every company and individual. We had that in mind when we supported Serbia’s healthcare system at the beginning of the epidemic by procuring the necessary medical and safety equipment for treating coronavirus patients. By donating 36 oxygen flow metres, Eurobank aims to provide support and assistance to those treated for coronavirus once again” – said Dušan Mihailović, a member of Eurobank’s Executive Board.

Oxygen flow metres have proven to be essential in treating a vast number of coronavirus patients and are used for delivering oxygen from a central unit.
“Solidarity means a lot for us in the healthcare sector because we are not alone in this response. Eurobank’s donation is welcome in additional equipping of our COVID hospital for the challenges we are encountering. I would like to thank Eurobank, the B92 Foundation and the Serbian Philanthropic Forum for always being there for us when needed“– said Prof. Dr Milika Ašanin, director of the Clinical Centre of Serbia.
Eurobank’s donation was executed via the B92 Foundation and the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, which, in cooperation with UNICEF launched a humanitarian initiative aimed at improving treatment of patients and working conditions for healthcare professionals in medical institutions in Serbia during the coronavirus pandemic.

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