Eurobank provided valuable IT equipment for the Secondary School of Economics “Đuka Dinić”

The fourth donation within Eurobank’s “A School Designed for You” project was provided for the Secondary School of Economics “Đuka Dinić” in the city of Leskovac. Thanks to the donation in the IT equipment and projectors, the school now has a modern classroom, and the funds have been provided from the transactions executed using the “Eurobank Big Heart” Mastercard affinity credit card. The new equipment will particularly be useful for further education of students of the Banking and Insurance Clerk profile.

Eurobank donation – Leskovac

“I am very glad that despite these challenging times we are continuing with the of implementation of the CSR project “A School Designed for You” with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and a large number of clients – users of the “Eurobank Big Heart” Mastercard affinity credit card. We are happy that the Secondary School of Economics “Đuka Dinić” now has a new and fully equipped classroom, where students, future bank clerks, are able to use real-life programs, as in an actual bank. So far, we have invested more than RSD 4.2 mn in the project “A School Designed for You” and we will continue with its execution in the upcoming period – said Slavica Pavlović, President of the Executive Board in Eurobank.

Eurobank donation – Leskovac

The importance of Eurobank donations to educational institutions was also recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and gratitude was expressed on behalf of the Ministry by Aleksandar Pajić, PhD, special advisor to the Minister for secondary and adult education:

“This global crisis requires the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development to pay special attention to the companies such as Eurobank, which supports educational institutions in the Republic of Serbia. We are grateful to all those who see that an investment in education is a permanent gain for the entire society and that is why we support such projects. I would also like to commend secondary schools of economics that are Eurobank’s focus group, whose teams designed various types of tailor-made projects, and Eurobank for setting priorities and responding to their needs. We have been cooperating with Eurobank for three years now and we have equipped four schools so far. This is a good example of social responsibility showcased by a large company, and I hope that the success of these projects will be confirmed by quality education of secondary school of economics students and that they will find jobs more easily and quickly than before”, said Aleksandar Pajić, PhD, special advisor to the Minister for secondary and adult education.

Confirming the value of Eurobank’s donation for this educational institution, Tanja Petković, the School Principal, said that the Bank realised the relevance and the need for modernising the teaching process and added the following:

“Thanks to the donation, students of our school are able to acquire necessary competencies and skills for performing banking tasks with retail and corporate clients. As large part of the teaching process is situated in the classroom, the new IT equipment, with a lower rate of noise and radiation, will have a positive health impact on the students and school staff. Lectures of Eurobank employees will additionally motivate students to best prepare for their future profession. On behalf of the students, employees and myself, we would like to thank Eurobank as the Secondary School of Economics “Đuka Dinić” from Leskovac now has the classroom tailored to students through the “School Drawn for You” project”, said Tanja Petković, the School Principal.

In 2018, Eurobank launched the stand-alone project “A School Designed for You”. Within the project, so far Eurobank equipped the statistics and accounting classroom of the First Secondary School of Economics in Belgrade and provided equipment for the electronic language classroom with a digital library of the Secondary School of Economics “Stana Milanović” from Šabac. The third donation was realized in the city of Subotica, where students of the Secondary School of Economics “Bosa Milićević” obtained the modernised virtual bank classroom. In addition to donating necessary IT equipment, the project has another important feature – through lectures of Eurobank employees and professional internship, students of secondary schools of economics gain new theoretical and practical banking knowledge.

The Eurobank Big Heart MasterCard payment card is a standard credit card with additional humanitarian value. It was designed by a student of the Secondary Arts School in Niš. Every time you make a payment or withdraw money from an ATM using the card, the Bank earmarks a portion of its proceeds and redirects them to secondary schools across Serbia. The funds are intended for equipping and upgrading classrooms and workrooms.

Ongoing use of the Eurobank Big Heart credit card contributes to an important charitable goal — equipping and modernisation of secondary schools in Serbia.

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