EUROBANK Sponsors the Belgrade Economic Forum

Belgrade, October 05, 2021 – The 21st Belgrade Economic Forum will be held on October 04-05, with Eurobank as its sponsor for the 17th year in a row. The Forum, organised by the Tsomokos Group International (TGI), traditionally gathers a large number of high officials, speakers, panellists and participants from the region, as well as relevant representatives of the international community, for an annual review of Serbia’s political, economic and business developments. This time, a special focus was placed on economic development of our country, as well as on the accession to the European Union.

Milan Vićentić, a member of Eurobank’s Executive Board and Head of Corporate Banking Division, participated in a panel discussing economy and banking during the coronavirus pandemic, where he underlined the importance of the banking sector for maintaining economic stability and stated Eurobank’s activities contributing to that area.

‘By responsible approach during the pandemic, especially at its early onset, the banks confirmed to be partners to both the business sector and the government, with Eurobank specifically focusing on support to the SME sector, as well as to real estate projects and the construction industry as a whole. Our bank participated in approving loans within the guarantee scheme and continued long-standing fruitful collaboration with prominent international financial institutions. Aiming to support this most relevant segment, Eurobank supported the business sector as a whole and confirmed its strong position in the financial market,’ said Milan Vićentić.

This year again, the Belgrade Economic Forum attracted high intention of economic and business leaders from Southeast Europe by covering current economic topics.

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