European Cyber ​​Security Month

The Foundation “The National Internet Registry of Serbia” (RNIDS) has been organising a meeting for the “European Cyber ​​Security Month” for the fifth consecutive year.

Since modern society is becoming more and more networked and based on Internet technology, it is precisely the protection on the Internet that was discussed at this year’s panel, entitled “Problems and Solutions for Internet Security”, which was held yesterday in the Center for the Promotion of Science. Domestic and foreign experts in the field of internet security participated at the gathering: Branko Stamenković, Special Prosecutor for High-Tech Crime from the Prosecutor’s Office for VTK in Belgrade, Aleksandar Pavlović, System Engineer of “Coming” from Belgrade, Žarko Kecić, ed. director of RNIDS and the head of the ICT service sector, and Alexander Venedukhin, researcher from the Technical Center for Internet from Russia.

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