Every can counts brings fun to can recycling with the recycling challenge

With large-scale events on hold for the near future, Every Can Counts encourages people to continue their recycling efforts at home with the Recycling Challenge, a viral initiative that has taken off in Spain and is now being launched across Europe. The Recycling Challenge provides people with a creative way to show off their coordination and innovative spirit while doing their part for the environment and recycling their cans. Simply enough, Every Can Counts is challenging people to film themselves placing an aluminium drink can in a recycling bin in the most creative way possible. This is all part of the initiative’s ReSTART campaign that encourages people to change their habits in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every Can Counts is an initiative in 19 European countries aiming to spread awareness about recycling and the advantages of aluminium as a circular packaging material that can be recycled infinitely. With its main communication channels at workplaces, music festivals, sporting events, and other large gatherings inaccessible right now, the group has pivoted to promote recycling in a very private, at-home atmosphere with its Recycling Challenge.

After taking off in Spain, Every Can Counts is now launching the Recycling Challenge across Europe as a tribute to how essential waste collection workers are during these trying times.The recycling challenge is intended for everyone and in our country it will start on Friday. You can see all the details on Facebook and Instagram pages.

“We’re excited that the Recycling Challenge is really engaging and inspiring people. Not only do we want to continue to spread our message about the importance of recycling, but we also want to say thank you to all the waste collection workers who showed just how essential they are to all of us. We believe this experience will help consumers realize the value of circular packaging materials such as aluminium,” said Nemanja Komatovic, Recan foundation.

Every Can Counts is now taking its first step with its ReSTART campaign with the goal of waking up in a smarter, cleaner, healthier world: a circular world. As people around the global have a greater awareness of the waste they create than ever before, now is the time to spread awareness about the benefits of circular beverage packaging to the environment. It’s time for a fresh start as the world comes back to life. It’s an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and our societies to make the world a better place. Let’s not miss this chance!

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